Madeleine Durham


I’m magnetically drawn to the mesmerizing shapes and patterns that echo the bold beauty of the New Mexico landscape that I’ve known as home my entire life. As an artist and musician, born into a family of the same, I relate to the effervescent wellspring of vitality here in Santa Fe, and I feel fortunate to be able to capture even a tiny fragment of its complex qualities in my creations. New Mexico’s rich colors and lively shapes are my inspiration, as are the sounds and spaces between the mountains and skies that are evident in the meandering and vibrant horizons. I work mainly on archival Arches Text Wove and Japanese Kozo papers. I use a special brush technique and a variety of pastes and pigments which I’ve formulated over the years. Transparent layering and blending are two of my favorite techniques. Please visit my website and sign up for my newsletter to stay in touch. Thank you so much for visiting! Madeleine