Diane Kell

Diane Kell

Santa Fe, NM



Diane G. Kell was born in Michigan in 1950 and lived as a child in Michigan, Georgia, and Florida. In 1972, she received her bachelor’s degree in art history from Brown and moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts. There she unexpectedly happened onto a 24-year career in social research, capped in 1996 by a master’s degree in education from Harvard.

In 1995, she left her first career to focus on family, traveling and art. Over the next 5 years, she was accepted into a number of national and regional watercolor exhibitions. In 2001, she moved to Santa Fe and began a second, 10-year career in gallery administration and marketing. Now retired from her second career, she is a fulltime artist, specializing in acrylic paintings of Southwest landscapes and cloudscapes. In her words,

I feel lucky to live in Santa Fe and indulge my love of our skies. Skies throughout the Southwest are amazing in variety and expanse: clear blue from top to bottom, piled high with cumulus clouds, marbled with swirls of feathery translucence, lurid at sunset, transcendent with evening gradations of turquoise and lilac.

My aim is to see if I can create for others an experience that is close to an experience of the sky itself. I am happy with a painting when I find myself entranced by it. If it holds my gaze for a long time and I feel joy, peace, or awe, then I hope others will feel the same way and want to bring that sky’s beauty into their homes.