AnaMaria Samaniego

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AnaMaria Samaniego (505) 501-5661 260 Plaza Canada Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501 United States

AnaMaria Samaniego captures the essence of the Southwest Landscape. Her art reflects a sense of place. It’s like stepping among wild flora flooded by the light of Nuevo Mexico with nuance of color reflecting on surrounding cottonwoods and sloping mountains. Her compositions are the strength of her monotypes, etchings, collagraph, linocut, and drawings. Clear and subtle elements in printmaking can depict this spiritual place replenishing the soul.

Ties to the landscape began at childhood. She was raised in Mesquite, New Mexico among the rich agriculture fields. Four years at the College of Santa Fe gave her the skills and ten years at Graphics Workshop gave her hands-on experience. Collaborative work with the prominent artists of the day honed her skills in the Fine Art Printmaking techniques, giving her the knowledge and experience to conduct college courses. Her accomplishments come together to achieve the nuances of the Southwest Landscape allowing her to depict the natural magnetism of this enchanted place.

AnaMaria Samaniego resides and maintains a studio in Santa Fe, actively involved in Contemporary Hispanic Market and SFSA. Gallery affiliates: Fyre Gallery, Braidwood NSW, Australia and Giacobbe-Fritz Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM. Her Fine Art accolades are numerous and have earned her a reputation as Master Printmaker awarded Excellence in the Arts.

As an Artist her focus is the inspiration of the landscape and portraying it with an honest heart.