Roger Denham Roger Denham
Roger Denham
K. LaTourrette K. LaTourrette
K. LaTourrette
Madina Croce Madina Croce
Madina Croce
Ron Patterson Ron Patterson
Ron Patterson
Pat Chapman Pat Chapman
Pat Chapman
Carol Fogelsong Carol Fogelsong
Carol Fogelsong
Kristin Schillaci Kristin Schillaci
Kristin Schillaci
Karen Cole Karen Cole
Karen Cole
Doña Calles Doña Calles
Doña Calles
Marianne Hornbuckle Marianne Hornbuckle
Marianne Hornbuckle
Matthew Rhodes Matthew Rhodes
Matthew Rhodes
Cande and Russ Toner Cande and Russ Toner
Cande and Russ Toner
Dino Farfan Dino Farfan
Dino Farfan
Kara Young Kara Young
Kara Young
Grace Berge Grace Berge
Grace Berge
Jamie Winslow Jamie Winslow
Jamie Winslow
Elaine Bradshaw Elaine Bradshaw
Elaine Bradshaw
Yenny Cocq
Yenny Cocq
Becky Donatucci Becky Donatucci
Becky Donatucci
Shakti Kroopkin
Shakti Kroopkin
Christine Hauber Christine Hauber
Christine Hauber
Madeleine Durham Madeleine Durham
Madeleine Durham
Clair de Lune Clair de Lune
Clair de Lune
Leah Saulnier Leah Saulnier
Leah Saulnier
Amelia Arlene Kemp Amelia Arlene Kemp
Amelia Arlene Kemp
Judy Boyd Judy Boyd
Judy Boyd
Jonathan Keeton Jonathan Keeton
Jonathan Keeton
Mary Beth Pizolli Mary Beth Pizolli
Mary Beth Pizolli
Todd Winters Todd Winters
Todd Winters
Cyndia Harlan Cyndia Harlan
Cyndia Harlan
Sondra Wampler Sondra Wampler
Sondra Wampler
Letitia Watts Letitia Watts
Letitia Watts
Madeleine Durham Madeleine Durham
Madeleine Durham
Dienke Nauta Dienke Nauta
Dienke Nauta
Karen Waters Karen Waters
Karen Waters
Greg Gawlowski Greg Gawlowski
Greg Gawlowski
Merrimon Kennedy Merrimon Kennedy
Merrimon Kennedy
Dale McDonnell Dale McDonnell
Dale McDonnell
Amy Stein Amy Stein
Amy Stein
Joseph Comellas Joseph Comellas
Joseph Comellas
Michael Protiva Michael Protiva
Michael Protiva
Mary Beth Pizolli Mary Beth Pizolli
Mary Beth Pizolli
AnaMaria Samaniego AnaMaria Samaniego
AnaMaria Samaniego
Ashley Binder Ashley Binder
Ashley Binder
Marianne Millar Marianne Millar
Marianne Millar
Laura Star Laura Star
Laura Star

A vital part of the color, festivity and creativity of Santa Fe, The Santa Fe Society of Artists’ juried outdoor fine art shows afford visitors the opportunity to enjoy fine painting, printmaking, photography, and sculpture and to meet the artists. You’ll find us in downtown Santa Fe just west of the Plaza ACROSS from the Museum of Fine Art in the 1st Nat’l Bank parking lot every weekend from the end of April through mid October, with few exceptions. Visitors can take home with them wonderful artwork and the memorable experience of their interaction with its creator.

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Meet Santa Fe's Premier Artists and Enjoy Their Exceptional and Diverse Talents! The 2nd largest art market in the country, Santa Fe draws art-lovers from around the world.
Over a Quarter Century of Outdoor Shows The Society was founded in 1981 and has remained the premier juried fine art group in Santa Fe since that time. A vital part of the festivity and creativity that draws visitors to Santa Fe, the SFSA outdoor fine art shows afford an opportunity to experience firsthand an important part of Santa Fe’s culture – the artists! SFSA provides a vehicle for Santa Fe artists to self-promote and exhibit independently. The original 23 founding artists agreed that the best stimulus for artistic and professional growth was exhibiting their own artwork in a public setting. This principle remains true today.

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