Madina Croce

Madina Croce is an Impressionist oil painter from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Primarily self-taught, Madina has a distinct and elegant style all her own.

“Plein air painting has really taught me the most,” Madina says. “Always a challenge, painting on location helps me to feel connected with our earth and to be grounded. I believe there is no substitute for painting from life. I love to paint water, flowers, the changing seasons, the different ways sunlight illuminates things. For me, there is ever more to learn, and it just keeps expanding!”

Collector Melba Ortiz says this about Madina’s paintings: “I am SO enjoying [my] paintings. … ‘Sunlit Garden’ makes me smile no matter what the weather is outside; the luminous quality of the flowers brings sunshine into my life all day long. I stroll within the walls and into the lovely garden of ‘My Cup Runneth Over’ a tall trees on the horizon invite me into that peaceful place where my spirit is renewed.”

Madina’s style is bold, impressionistic, colorful and energetic. She uses palette knife impasto in combination with transparent brushwork on Belgian linen canvas. She says, “My dream is to travel the world and paint it all!”

Her paintings are in public and private art collections around the country, and she welcomes commissions.

madina croce

Madina Croce