Dino Farfan

The wide open landscapes, diverse cultures, and vivid skies of New Mexico have all deeply influenced my vision of the world around me. I grew up in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains, in the small village of Placitas. As a boy I would spend my time climbing to the peaks of the surrounding mountains. It was there that I would look out upon the world, and dream of being an explorer.

As far back as I can remember, I have always looked upon the world with childlike wonder. Each morning as I head out into this awesome space we live in, I am amazed with the exciting things that I find. Through my photography, I can be the explorer that I dreamed of being as a young boy. It was a hauntingly beautiful black and white image by Ansel Adams that set me upon my course. The camera has been my key to unlocking the treasures that surround us all.

Though the world can seem dark at times, it is my dream that everyone can learn to stop for a moment each day to see and appreciate the beauty that is always there. Seeing my passion for life in an image, with the intent of sharing it with the world, is very shamanic. When a piece turns out really well the image takes my breath away. To capture that emotion within a single moment in time, and then pass it on to another, is a powerful feeling.

dino farfan

Dino Farfan