Shakti Kroopkin


Shakti Kroopkin



Drawing on urban and natural elements Shakti Kroopkin creates visionary worlds of limitless possibility. A crescendo of color and movement invite the viewer to explore emotion, story, and the free association of the creative process. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Shakti merges influences of city life, music, art and culture with the beauty and vastness of Northern New Mexico’s high desert, where she currently resides.

Shakti graduated from the world-renowned School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1998 and moved to Santa Fe, NM in 2005. Kroopkin has shown in over 50 galleries and art shows across the country and is internationally collected. She is currently with Walter Wickiser Gallery, NY, NY, Keep Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM, Gallery 13/Starlight Arts in Minneapolis, MN and Jezebel Gallery, Madrid, NM. Shakti is the 2020 President of the Santa Fe Society of Artists, art teacher at SFPS Nava Elementary, and sole proprietor of Shakti Kroopkin Fine Art and Shapespace Studio.

Kroopkin produces original paintings and sculpture, commissions, fine art giclee reproductions, live painting performances, art clothing, unique decor, and art workshops.

Shakti finds art to be transformational for both painter and viewer.  Imagination wakes connection to our inner spirit, our communities and to life energy itself.