Shakti Kroopkin


Shakti Kroopkin



Contemporary artist Shakti Kroopkin, born in Chicago 1976, began painting in oils at the age of seven. Shakti graduated from the world-renowned School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1998. Kroopkin has shown in over 50 galleries and art shows across the country including Lux Gallery in Chicago, Sarah Jessica Fine Arts in Provincetown MA, UrbanAdd Gallery in Seattle, The Canfield Gallery in Santa Fe, and has collectors worldwide.

Shakti is the President of The Santa Fe Society of Artists and on the Gallery Committee for The Tarnoff Art Center. She is a contract based certified art educator and also teaches privately in her studio. Kroopkin has taught workshops at the Santa Fe Art Institute, Warehouse 21, Santa Fe Public Schools and the Tarnoff Art Center. She is a live painting performer at music and art events.

Shakti’s abstract “shapespaces” are rooted in her memories of the Chicago cityscape in combination with the vast raw beauty of New Mexico where she currently resides. The artist’s process exposes luminous spirit, imagination and movement while being grounded in her unique visual language of reoccurring lines, shapes, color and symbols. The raw expression of emotion and energy traverses the limitations of the finite world, inviting the viewer on a journey offering the freedom of infinite play.

Kroopkin is working in painting using sumi ink and oil, and in sculpture using steel and enamel.