Sandra Duran-Wilson

Sandra Duran-Wilson



Science inspires the concepts I paint: illusions of time, distant stars, quantum physics, botany and chemistry. My background in cognitive behavior fuels my interest in the creative process. Travels in South America and Mexico and my studies of shamanism and native practices spark my curiosity about the mysteries of the spirit. The mixed media paintings create a narrative between science, art, and spirit.

Much of my work is begun in the dream state, where everything is possible and colors become frequencies weaving a tapestry of time. I have synesthesia, which is a crossing of the senses. When I hear music I see colors and numbers and formulas sing songs. My artistic vision takes shape in this mixed up world of creation. The colors are connected to music and math and so I often incorporate musical scores, formulas and text into my work. I invite you to share in my unique take on reality where the paintings slowly reveal themselves layer by layer.

My painting style has developed along the lines of the Abstract Expressionists, but I am most influenced by materials. I have written numerous books on art techniques and I continue to experiment with all the new mediums and methods that come along. I hope in the future to be able to create a world of art that you can enter into and experience on all sensory levels.