Janice Bicho

Janice Bicho


7 Calle Belicia
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508
United States
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When I moved to Santa Fe ten years ago, I was looking forward to having the time and space to express my creativity in a more personal direction. Rather than go back to art forms I was involved with earlier in my life, I started studying the techniques and classical forms of Chinese brush painting (sumi-e). I related most directly to the spirtual and minimalist messages inherent in this style of painting.

Not to be one-dimensional, I also started attending art-related workshops and community college classes which led me into watercolor and plein aire painting and, just as critically, out of my studio into landscape-driven venues and subjects across northern New Mexico. As a result of this exposure, I developed working relationships with several artist mentors and started studing watercolor with Jan Hart, a well know local artist, who not only changed my color palette but how I viewed my paintings, as well.

Over time I merged both techniques into my work. On one hand to soften the structured brush painting style with color without losing a minimalist focus, and on the other, to layer classical brush painting imagery onto the impressionistic, vibrant view provided by watercolor. Many of my studio still-life and plein aire landscape paintings completed during this very dynamic “learning” period have been shown in local art tours and shows and in art spaces and galleries in Los Alamos, Espanola and Santa Fe.