Ginny Zipperer

Ginny Zipperer

730 Baca Street
Santa Fe, NM 87505
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(505) 204-6236

I first began working in clay as a functional potter, working in a number of studios through the years, alternating my clay career with a variety of social service jobs. As my work evolved I became more interested in exploring the expressive and sculptural possibilities of clay, though producing functional work still has a strong appeal for me.

Having grown up on a small farm near the shores of Lake Michigan, nature has been an integral part of my life and a comfort and inspiration to me. My work in clay strongly reflects the joy and rejuvenation I find among the plants and animals, landscapes and sunsets I encounter. Periodically a particular aspect of nature will present itself especially strongly and begin to show up in my work.

Most recently the strong personalities and trickster nature of crows and ravens have attracted me. The bas relief sculptures I began in 2010 were initially inspired by a Joy Harjo song that describes 3 crows by the side of the road and the singer’s speculation about whether this was a routine coffee klatch or an omen. I was so taken with the image that I had to execute it in clay. I found I really enjoyed the bas relief process and have made it the focus of my current work. The raven, messenger between the spirit and material worlds, dominates these pieces, other animals and plants, the landscapes and architecture around me, old pick up trucks have all inspired me.