Dona Calles

Doña Calles

Mixed Media, Image Transfers, Copper

My work and my life are about energy and meaning. I like to create things that evoke an experience of symbolic meaning and essence to the viewer, and bring a sense of connectedness to the world and self. I have been involved in healing arts, certified in Swedish massage, working with crystals, etc., but I must be an artist. So this is my way to send this healing energy out into the world.

I want to expand people’s awareness of what they look at every day. For example, a door is more than a door. It is a portal, an element of transition, stepping from one world into another. It represents how we show ourselves to the world, and how we have the courage to go through a door when we don’t know what is on the other side. So obviously a metaphor for our lives.

The figures I make, copper Ancestors, represent energies in ourselves we like to stay in touch with, such as Wave, who reminds us to flow with life.  Of course, flowers always represent beauty to me, and the purity of Just Being.
I am always amazed at how fragile, delicate beings survive the outdoor elements to bring themselves to fruition.

I enjoy combining image transfers of my photographs with wood, metal, other patterns, paints, dyes and more, and even my copper work is combined with fire and other elements, as well as must-have color.

I majored in painting at Kent State University, went to City and Guilds Guilds College of Art, London, England, and the Art Students League, NY.