Dominique Samyn

Dominique Samyn


I’m always looking for the unexpected, the surprise that makes you wonder.”

Dominique was born in Flanders, Belgium and moved to the Washington DC area, where she studied art at the Corcoran College of Fine Arts. She had an art studio in Virginia and at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria. From 2000 to 2003 she worked and showed in Lima, Peru.

Dominique had numerous shows and awards at the East Coast, in the Washington DC area, Europe and South America. Her art is influenced by the Cobra movement in Europe (Karel Appel, Alechinsky and Asger Jorn) known for their uninhibited expressionism. Dominique focuses on three elements: energy, color and surprise. Each painting is an adventure.

Since 2005 she has taken up a new artistic challenge living on an adobe ranch, totally off the grid, south of Santa Fe – New Mexico.

Here follows a list of elements inspiring her recent work: the infinite sky in all shades of turquoise, blue, purple and pink; the purple of blooming sage brush; curtains of yellow chamisa; the shades of sand; adobe, earth, sand, dirt, mud; wild desert flowers; arrow heads; the rainbow and the smell of the desert after the rain; the color of crisp air; the dryness of the wind; coyote fences; the smell of blooming Russian olive trees and salt cedar; junipers, tumble weed and the colorful sunsets and starry nights; and last but not least, her horses, mules and donkeys.

I paint what I love.”