Dirk Wales

I have been fortunate to work and travel throughout the United States and Europe; I am a successful children’s book author (A Lucky Dog and others) and, most important, I have heroes who have inspired me like Joseph Cornell, Camille Claudel and Duane Michaels. Cornell invented box art for the world, Camille Claudel was, well, just an amazing person when women weren’t supposed to be amazing and Duane Michaels taught me how to combine words and pictures.

So, the first of my serious art work was Numbers, initially photographed in Europe. This is a series of images of numbers and short written pieces/poems to go with them.  All the years since I began with Numbers, they have continued while I have moved on to other creative ideas. For instance, a trip to Buenos Aires in Argentina gave birth to a series of collage-assemblages entitled Memories of Argentine Women; Eva Peron is one of the women remembered.

There have been other series of works: A complete show of photographs of Keys which later were used to illustrate one of my books, The Lost Photographs of Nicolas Kases.

I can be honest with you and say that if any of us knew where our creative impulses come from, the how or why of that, we could write the definitive text. What I have learned about myself is that I have somehow become an instinctive creative person, that is, in my lexicon, I have trained my mind, soul and impulses to be instinctive: therefore, things come to me. There is nothing in my young background where I was walking to school one day that would allow me to tell you with surety I was touched by the muse.

All this is a long explanation to say to you that I don’t know where all this comes from, and I don’t worry about it anymore.