Bill Stripe

My painting is a form of Realism observation of the land, buildings, people and the means by which they travel. The Southwestern sky, color and environment create a seemingly endless source of subjects. Also, a love of motorsports is expressed in my painting; an observation of the sport as any average ‘Race Fan’ might see it from the bleachers.

Education and art is a never-ending process. For me it started in the early 1960’s with classes at the Milwaukee Art Center, continued through public school, Lakeland College, and the University of New Mexico. For the most part, I am a self-taught artist.

The artists who influenced me first were in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Conrad Schweiring’s oil landscapes of the Teton Mountains were done with such simplicity of stroke. Wilton McCoy’s color and realism of the Tetons and California desert and his true friendship between mature artist and young man were an important initial influence on me. Bill Zimmerman’s illustrations of wildlife, use of casein watercolors, his caring touch in the use of his tools, continue to be an important influence on my work.

Woody Gwen’s landscape approach and Mark McMahon’s graphic art as contemporary artists have inspired me with their techniques, work ethics and notable prolific business practices.

Georges Seurat and his “Post Impressionist Pointillism” technique have enhanced my subject matter as I have slowly incorporated it into my realism. The color, styles, subjects, of Claude Monet and Edward Hopper impressed me with the honesty of their subjects.

Wm ‘Bill’ Stripe

Descriptions of Paintings on Society’s Website

“Tommy’s”-‘Somewhere in Southwest’
2007 Ferrari F450 Berlinetta Coupe
1997 Lamborghini Diablo Roadster Type 12” x 22” Casein on 140 lb. Waterford H.P. (1)

“Painted Cliffs from Dahl’s Chevy 6500”-Carson National Forest, NM
-Morning Light 2004-
‘Peoples Doors and Windows-Series II’ “8 x 10” Casein on 140lb. Waterford H.P. (2)

“A Moment with Lupe & Griz”
-Giron’s Field of Dreams- 8” x 10” Casein on 140lb. Waterford H.P. (3)

‘Louis C. Tiffany’s’ – “TheGreenWindow”
Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest, Illinois-August 1994
‘Peoples Doors and Windows – Series I’ 6” x 4” Casein on 140lb. Waterford H.P. (4)